Why Astrology 為何 占星




Astrology is a refined metaphor of our life and the world

We all encounter different obstacles at some point in life, and at times we suspect that it is fate. Could there be some hidden meanings in these obstacles, or are we blind to the root causes and our own true self? There are also recurring issues happen in life that are beyond our understanding, and we ask why. It is where astrology comes in to give us hints and sparkles of light. If we are willing to be humble students of life, the stars will show you the way home.

Another important aspect of astrology is learning about time. The planetary cycles, motions and the interaction between symbolic meanings of various astrological symbols bring a variety of metaphors, suggesting when we are suitable to plan, to act or back off. In short, astrological analysis is deciphering the hidden maps and timetables in the sky, so that you know how to sail the wave of time.

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